Sarasota Youth Sailing Program

Team Racing Clinic

January 5-6, 2007

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Thank you for your interest in our clinic. Below is a tentative schedule for the event.

Saturday, January 5th
8:00-9:00                  Arrive/boat setup and registration
9:00-10:30                Chalk Talk on the BASICS
10:30-12:00              On-the-Water Drills
12:00-12:30              Lunch
12:30-1:30                Afternoon Brief: Rules on Mark Roundings
1:30-3:00                  On-the-water drills: Mini Courses
3:00-4:00                  Debrief/Derig

Sunday January 6th
8:00-9:00                  Arrive/ Rig
9:00-10:00                Chalk Talk on STARTS
10:00-12:00              On-the-water drills
12:00-12:30              Lunch
12:30-1:30                Afternoon brief: 3 v 3 race tactics and combos, team communication
1:30-3:00                  On-the-water drills: racing
3:00-4:00                  Debrief/Derig

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